Cyber Security

Web application security assessments bring together information security best practices and technologies specially designed to test websites, web-based services, and web applications. Web application security assessments are performed manually or automatically and continue throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).
It typically includes safety protocols, security checks, and regular assessments, safe coding practices, secure firewalls, vulnerability testing, and installation of protocols – guaranteeing safe operations.
Mobile Application Security Assessment Service, identity’s vulnerabilities, malicious or potentially risky actions in mobile applications and help you prioritize, remediate and secure your mobile apps before deployment.

  • Includes both static and dynamic mobile security testing techniques.
  • Easy to manage: no hardware, no software and no maintenance.
  • OWASP Top 10 Mobile framework to comply with PCI and HIPPA.
  • Support for iOS, Android, Blackberry,and Windows.
  • Unique behavioral analysis and privacy checks.

ICP can help your team establish a set of policies, tools and procedures to systematically manage risks and responses across your organization’s sensitive data, networks and applications; since our priority is to help you minimize cyber security risks and ensure business continuity no matter what new threats arise.
We partner with you through each and every step in creating your security roadmap, from assessment, gap analysis and strategic planning through cloud security, monitoring, detection and incident response.
Our expertise in best practices and tools for data security makes sure that your security strategy anticipates threats and risks, with the right technology investments to keep your business protected at all times.
Save cash and hour-long workloads with professional IT advisory assistance – we’ll take care of code reviews to make you feel at ease about great returns on investments on time and income savings through your project.