VCare 27/7 : All-in-one Care Management Solution to power your HomeCare and Domiciliary Services.

Mobile and Desktop compatible solution for managing complex Rota scheduling, care delivery, finances, regulatory compliances, and auditing.

Rota Scheduling made simple.

Our cloud-based e rostering solution provides a visually simple, intelligent platform that allows for the easy creation, management and updating of schedules based on your staff and client availabilities. The intuitive platform not just allows you to schedule staff appointments and updates, it gives an insight into the best possible slots for arranging schedules based on the travel times and distance between each visit.
You can organize your teams, manage leaves, and keep tabs on your expenses.

  • Automatic Crosschecking
  • Easy scheduling and rescheduling
  • Groups and Lines/Runs management.

Clock in/outs and geo tagging.

Using our mobile application, staff will be able to clock in/out of their allocated schedules. And through our timesheets, you can record and track staff attendance, lateness and overtime across your business and gain insights into scheduled vs actual performance.
This, along with our geo location restrictions allows us to ensure that your staff has made the client visits at the appropriate location during the allocated times.

  • Clock in/out from mobile application
  • Timesheet generation and insights
  • Attendance, Lateness and Overtime Tracking
  • GPS logging and location restrictions

Payroll and Integrations

Your staff performance with the hours they have worked, overtime, absences will be fed into our all-inclusive payroll solution, thus removing the need for separate data entries and managing complex spreadsheets. Through the accountant-friendly tools available you will be able to export your payroll reports onto desired file formats and templates with a simple click.

  • Fully Automated Payroll
  • Dynamic Report Generation

Smart Care Planning and Observations

Care Planning has been simplified through our dynamic observation form builder that allows you to create custom tailored observation forms to match the careplans of each of your clients.

UK and US based support

Our dedicated help desk is placed in both the United States and United Kingdom, and are available for support 365, 24/7.